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Resources matter, doesn't it. AnonD, 18 Feb Well i really liked c6 unleashed but its got bugs i think i can live with those.. You can do it in two ways. Delete the effects folder in resource. Place your new effects folder there. Repack the rofs2 and flash with it. In this method you can use your phone for adding theme effects and easily change theme without flashing.

Here are the steps a Install c2z maker app in your phone. Generate c2z patch using it. Add this patch to rom patcher. Now enable this patch to auto start. Also enable 'open for all 'patch in rom patcher. Go to z: Copy this file. Paste this f84b9 file to c: Make the directory if it is not there. Make sure that the name of the folder is 'effects'.

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Now you can exit xplore. From options, turn theme effects to 'on'. If it is already on, make it off and again 'on'. Now you can see the theme effects applied. If you are using c6 based cfw, you can see amazing effects even in auto rotation of the phone. AnonD, 18 Feb Well i flashed my fw to c6 tribute from c6 unleashed..

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The only reason I tried it was just to know what the hype behind it was all about but in the end it ended in disappointment for me. It lacked a lot of features and I was forced to sacrifice functionality for looks. That is why I reverted back to using the original firmware.

I got tired of it after using it for a week or two. C6 has a cool homescreen but I can get an even cooler HS using vMenu. The builtin photo browser is fast and smooth but still Resco photoviewer is even better. The only thing that I miss abot C6 fw is smart dialing.

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It doesn't come with all the unnecessary crapware that I'm probably not going to use. So I have the option to install whatever I wan on my phone. Most firmwares do lack this flexibility. Inbuilt apps in firmware cannot be removed or updated so unfortunately you're stuck with whatever version you have.

I successfullt managed to patch the music library but not everything wen well for me. I also tried modding the default menu Icons of katalyst by replacing the default one's with the one I copied from Revenge but to no avail. Everything went haywire and didn't workout the way I planned it to. Bug fixes. I would never have imagined being able to replace my Legend with anything better, but they pulled it off with this model.

Crystal clear communication on both ends, awesome noise cancellation, and seamless integration with my virtual assistant Siri. But certainly not a deal breaker. The only other suggestion I would have, and certainly the more important of the two, is a longer talk time. Well, after owning all the others on the market, Bose Soundsport 2 different ones , 2 Jawbone 2s, iPhone Earbuds, Sennheiser. I broke down and got one. Honestly, it great. Clear sound, no background noise, long battery life. Forget those others and save yourself some time and money. App Store Preview. You can move unwanted process to this area.

Also you can easily terminate all processes. If terminate a process cause mobile reboot,instable or waste energy,then the process will be put here. Only the author can maintain this list. Killed and not running software will be shown here.


You can restart it. There are quite a few applications that are out there to help you customize the home screen display of your symbian touchscreen PDA and Series 60 smartphones. However, both of these mobile apps lack the simplicity and the core essentials that you would expect from them.

Then came the days of the Nokia 5th edition Home Screen Widgets which did solve the need of such home-screen customization based apps significantly but still a general user had to install a bunch of untested and unsigned apps on their mobile handsets to make them work the way they wanted. For those of you who is reading this post, all these may just have vanished with this particular post today. Today I feature you an excellent, uber-cool mobile app which will make life easy for you in terms of home screen customization on your smartphones.

Voyager Home Screen or popularly known as just vHome Desktop is one of a kind powerful symbian mobile app which will help you to customize the display screen or active standby screen of your 3rd edition Symbian devices like the E71, N82, N95 8gb and all others. Quick Lock: Also known as Start Lock which is an easy and automatic lock for keypad buttons of your phone.

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Application Shortcuts: Offers an option to organize application shortcuts and widgets on two rows on the home screen. My Fav Contacts: Contact Short Keys: Also known as Smart Keys, this option enabled you can assign a specific contact to a specific combination of number such as or When you dial or vHome automatically recognizes the command and calls up the assigned contact for that combination of number, much like an automated short key call manager. Built in Apps: The weather details will include information about wind velocity, precipitation chances and much more which will be displayed on multiple rows.

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Social Community Friendly: It can also display those updates on the home screen of your symbian devices automatically for the rest of the day without the need of multiple sign-in sessions. Multiple Icons and Widgets: Can double deck the home screen of your Nokia symbian with over 12 individual icons each with its custom functions and actions that you can decide upon.

On devices with a bigger screen like the E71, N97 or Nokia all 12 icons still leaves the space to make the screen appear clutter free. Search Widgets: Built in Color Themes: The latest version of vHome for Symbian comes with a variation of 10 different color schemes ensuring that you do not get bored at any point of time and choose the color you like whenever you feel like it.