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You do this by making all sorts of amazing contraptions. Your imagination might as well be the limit Additional Notes: Ceramic Destroyer Google Play Link: This is a puzzle game where you destroy a ceramic artpiece by shooting bombs at it. As the levels progress, you get more types of bombs. The goal of the game is to destroy the whole ceramic sculpture, which gets harder and harder everytime.

Another perfect casual puzzle game. Deathworm Google Play Link: This is an action game where you control a giant worm. Its like playing snake, only your worm cant leave the ground unless he jumps , and you eat people, trucks, and tanks Additional Notes: This is a cool robot game with high-end graphics.

Works very smoothly on our device. You enter different missions, where, basically, you just go around killing other robots. Are you a fan of shooter games? Well this one is something you should not miss out on.

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You control a turret-type gunner, whose purpose it to destroy all incoming enemies. As the game progresses, you can buy various upgrades to make your gunner stronger. To add, the graphics and controls are pretty awesome as well! This is a very fun action-puzzle game. Here you control a cube, and your objective is to move the cube through various obstacles and on to the final checkpoint. This is a very good game to pass the time. Joining Hands Google Play Link: This game was epic on iOS. Here is one of the most popular puzzle game yet! Tank Hero Google Play Link: Most of you probably have played "Tank" in the family computer console.

Here is a remake for android! This is a fun, action-filled game with decent graphics. This is an action based game where you control a ball, which you have to move through certain obstacles to get to the goal. The game has nice 3D graphics and is packed with hours of gameplay. The sensor-based controls can also be very appealing to certain players.

Sentinel 3: Homeworld Google Play Link: This is one of the most gorgeous tower defense I have yet to play. It has nice and clean graphics, and also has mission and free game modes. I used to play this game on my s40 phone, now its here on android!

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The aim of the game is to get your cart to the other end of the race track. Your objective is to balance the cart as it goes through the course by tilting it left and right. Puzzle Family Google Play Link: This game is filled with tons of popular minigames. This is one of the best time wasters in the market, not to mention the graphics is adorably cute. Let's Create! Pottery Google Play Link: This is a one of a kind game where you mold your own pottery! You start with a request for a pottery, where you will be given a picture and you have to mold a pot which is exactly alike with the picture given.

You go through many different missions, creating various shapes, sizes, and designs.

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This is a very good relaxing game. Pocket God Google Play Link: In this game you play the role of God of tribesmen called Oogles. You can control many different things in the game like the weather, animals and physics. Its loads of fun just messing around with the Oogles. Aside from that, you can also play many in-built minigames. Plants War Google Play Link: Well this might be just the game for you! This is one of the best relaxation games on Google Play.

The game is played by controlling your mote. Your mote gets bigger everytime it contacts smaller motes, and dies when it contacts bigger motes. The basic objective of the game is to absorb all the smaller motes until you become the biggest mote in the area.

What makes this game relaxing is its slow paced gameplay, and outstanding soundtrack. This is your basic 2d action flight game. You control several kinds of planes as you go through increasingly difficult levels where you have to shoot down other planes. As you progress, you will encounter and also unlock many different kinds of planes, each with their unique attributes and designs. Shark Dash Google Play Link: An angry-birds like game made by gameloft.

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This is a puzzle game where you pull your shark's tail such that it will get launched forward to eat those yellow rubber duckies. Dead Space Google Play Link: A first person shooter, mixed with sci-fi and horror. You play an engineer who gets trapped in a spaceship, where you have to fend for yourself while completing missions and killing alien parasites. This is a remake of the version of Final Fantasy 3. It is one of the most sought after RPG franchise in gaming history. It is well worth to try to play. This game may require internet connection to work.

Reckless Racing Google Play Link: A well rounded racing game. You can unlock cars and tracks. This game has a top-down player view. The paid version might not be compatible with SGY's graphics. The Sims 3 Google Play Link: If you loved playing sims on your pc way back, here is the android version. Customize and control your sim's life in this highly creative game from EA. ZombieSmash Google Play Link: One of the best stress busters in Google Play. Defend your house against wave after wave of zombie attack. Swipe to toss them or drag them to totally mess them up.

Destroy those zombies! Use these powers to defend you friends against a multitude of zombie attacks! Raging Thunder 2 Google Play Link: This is one of the best racing games for SGY. It is also the most stable one with high-end graphics.

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This is a must for any racing enthusiast. The soccer free games support android mobiles or smartphones and will work on your Samsung Galaxy Y S Scroll down to download these free games for your Galaxy Y S by Samsung and enjoy gaming on the go.

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Restaurant story: Soccer world Simulation Strategy Online Economic. Soccer Goal Keeper 2 sport racing. Head soccer: La liga Arcade Sports.

New Star Soccer MOD apk v 4.00 download link

Hare vs turtle soccer Arcade Sports 3D. Champion Soccer sport racing.

Dream League Soccer for Samsung Galaxy Y S - free download APK file for Galaxy Y S

Top soccer hero: Bali United Sports Football. Flick soccer: Brazil Sports 3D. Boom boom soccer Arcade Sports Football. Ball Dribble - Soccer Juggle sport racing. Soccer Jump Android sport racing.