Dungeon hunter 2 hd for nokia c7 free download

The new big world for your exploration and conquest is opened in this suspense action RPG.

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Undertake a journey to the gothic epoch the events of which take place 25 years later than the ones of the first part. Discover a plot against your kingdom getting through big dungeons and fierce monsters. But the main hero is as strong as his comrades: There are no such dungeons you cannot clear of monster when you are together.

We thank Igortheboss for this game! Share with friends. Do you like this game? Download game Dungeon Hunter 2 HD for free.

Nokia C7 HD Gaming: Asphalt 6 & Dungeon Hunter 2 - ybyfohaw.ga

Please, specify your device, and we will select compatible games. Symbian Breakdesign that roach game South Africa. Please, select version of your platform. Why do I need to select the version of my platform? To select compatible games for your device, we need to know the version of your platform. How to find out the version of my platform? Show brand list. The single player mode offers multiple HD tracks, 5 different racing modes and plenty of other performance upgrades, visual customization and other tweaks.

With a variety of cars available to buy and customize, this is a game any racing gamer fan can enjoy. Rally Master Pro: Real Football HD: It includes teams, multiple leagues when you are playing the career mode and special moves for some of the more exceptional football superstars. Real Golf HD: There are 7 different courses from all over the world that you will be able to gradually unlock as you progress in the career mode.

Red Bull X Fighters: Red Bull X — Fighters by Gamelion Studios is a freestyle motocross game that offers superior graphics, realistic sound effects and an easy to master control scheme. For each stunt you perform you get points and there are over 50 different events that you can eventually take part to earn such points. Accumulating points will unlock all the hidden features and perks including new bikes and gears the game has to offer.

The Settlers HD: The story of the game takes place during the times of the Roman era where your primary goal is to create the biggest and the most efficient self sustaining settlement. You will have to occupy new lands and defeat your enemies to make your settlement bigger. Spiderman Total Mayhem HD: Octopus, the Green Goblin etc. Shrek Kart HD: Join Shrek and 9 other popular characters like Donkey, Puss in Boots etc in this one of a kind fun kart racer called Shrek Kart.

The game offers 10 different karts to choose from, 4 single player modes, 2 different multi-player modes, 11 power ups, special abilities and a lot more to keep your attention and interest. The Moron Test: The Moron Test is a nifty little puzzler which will let you test your overall intelligence without making you feel bored. There are overall different steps or level, each one more hilarious than the other, and which you will play to unlock your hidden naiveness.

Laughter is guaranteed! Transformers Dark of the Moon is the only game that is based on the Transformers 3 movie. It was previously only available in JAR format but on the new Nokia E7 it comes built in as a revamped 3D game with much better graphics and sounds. You can choose to play as Optimus Prime and fend off the evil robots that follows their evil leader Megatron.

Vikings Can Fly: Vikings Can Fly is a magical love story where you will play as a young viking inventor named Bjorn who fell in love with a valkyrie. Now he must follow that trail to fulfill his dream of finding her and in this quest cross an epic adventure through the kingdom of the Norse Gods, Asgard. Wave Against Every Beat: Wave, Against Every Beat is an innovative, new generation space shooter which generates your enemy in real time corresponding the background music of the game. The more the beats, the more the enemies and the more the breaks in a song the less the enemy.

As you progress further into the game, the enemies starts to adapt to your skills making the game harder every time you kill a wave. Worms HD: Some of these games will also work on the S60v5 Symbian platforms so Nokia phones like , , N97, etc will work flawlessly. Most of the posted games are in signed SISX or SIS format so all you have to do is click and install, but a few had to be archived for reasons beyond my control.

You should also check out the post Part 1 of this 32 HD games series. I hope you will share your feedback through our comments system. My only request to you before you download and install these Nokia mobile games is to subscribe to my RSS Feed. Subscription is absolutely free!! And, it only takes less than 30 seconds of your time. And it keeps me motivated to post regularly!! So pleases, go ahead and subscribe like…. Without any further ado, let us jump into business and wrap up this featured post already. With that being said there are a few drawbacks of the game that are not A graded stuff like the surrounding environment of the tracks, the car modeling during a high speed turn etc.


However, on the N8 it is extremely fun to play this game in hard mode where other racers are nearby and you have to constantly overtake them after they overtake you. Racing from inside the car is just awesome though, there are lots of details that are displayed around your screen and it very nearly feels like a real good simulator. All told this game is quite promising and even though there are a few drawbacks and playing it should be awesome fun. If you want the 3rd edition or 5th edition version of this game then please download here instead of downloading from the first link.

A bunch of monkeys are in trouble and it is you, the command, who must lead them out of the trouble. In this strategy based game, in every level, you will have to rescue a bunch of monkeys who will be dropped in a hole, get stuck in a hole etc. If you like games where your job is to lead a group out of a dangling maze then you will love this game. It is an action and strategy simulator with advanced AI artificial intelligence built in which generates a deeply engaging gaming experience. With constant fireworks and tactical challenges that you will have to pass through if you want to finish the game completely, Iron Sight HD is a blast from the start to the finish.

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It offers a wide range of weaponry support and a vast range of artillery inventory which can be utilized in a single player and multiplayer campaign. Long John Silver 3D — Ahooooy pirates!!!!!!!!! If you love playing puzzle games or if you like Captain Jack Sparrow or just even pirates then wait no more cause this puzzle game is all that you wanted. As with all Polarbit games, Long John Silver is also both single player and multiplayer based and only works with the.

It is an unique game kinda arcade and there is not another like it. Additionally you can also race on several other preset tracks and a set of default drivers.

Dungeon Hunter 2 HD 1.1.4 for Nokia N8 & Belle smartphones

To create a track you will have to have OVI maps installed on your smartphones and it must also support GPS navigation. The overall 3D graphics implementation for this game is more than good and actually quite superb, however, the overall audio effects in the background is really not satisfactory. It offers tons of weapon choices and upgrades with which you will have to shoot down enemy drones, turrets, tanks etc. You are also provided with power ups, a fair amount of ammunition and tips throughout the game which will surely keep you N-Gaged for a while.

Rest assured, this fast paced game is surely something to scream about! Before downloading these games please make sure that your smartphone is supported or not. I have specifically written the compatible operating system list for each of these games. Please subscribe to the RSS Feed absolutely free before downloading any of these games, that is all I ask from you. Games , Nokia. Posted by Helping Guy in Uncategorized on March 31, Without wasting any more time let us delve into the astounding world of HD gaming on mobile.

It comes with some truly amazing graphics that were never seen on any of the previous Guitar Hero games for mobile but overall the game play is not all that fun. There are some amazing tunes in this game and is probably the only awesome part of this game. Even when playing in easy mode I felt that there is just too much to do when the band starts to rock on stage and trying to keep up with the extra points made me not enjoy the songs at all.

With upgraded animations and power ups and an overall enhanced controlling set up, Block Breaker 2 Deluxe can easily get you addicted to it. Block Breaker 2 Deluxe was designed to keep you engaged to it for hours and that is what it does! It will work on Symbian OS 9. Angry Birds Seasons 3D — One of the most popular popular Symbian game of our times, Angry Birds are back with a new world and a new season consisting of over 40 new levels of pure mayhem.

There are two different themes of this cartoon-ish game, one is the Christmas Season and the other is the Halloween Season. Both are fun to play and in total brings two brand new birds into the spotlight.


This version also brings the most number of ammunition than any previous version of the game. You will play as the pilot of a fighter Jetplane with enemies trailing you on the sky. You will have to out maneuver the enemy planes in a pure dog fight to be exact and shoot them down before they blows you off with their powerful missiles and bullets. Armageddon Squadron 3D — Armageddon Squadron for Nokia is yet another action game that takes you up on the sky to fight enemy planes all over the war. You can also carry bombs and there are different planes to choose from. Lots of animated explosions for different sizes of bubbles that you will create throughout the game.

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  7. It is a game that will test your nerves more than anything. Set in Africa you will have to get past over levels of gameplay to finish this game successfully. From learners to experts, Chess Classics HD satisfies the need for anyone looking to play chess on their mobile. You can play in a multi player mode as well as a single player mode.

    On Symbian devices this is by far the best 3D simulation of cricket. You will play the real life t20 matches against opponents you can choose from or you can just play the entire tournament from the start.

    Dungeon Hunter 2 HD for Nokia N8 & Belle smartphones

    The rules are exactly the same we have seen in the tournament, with 12 players, 11 of them are on the pitch and you can swap another as the game progresses. Sliding down fast over the snow you will have to get past obstacles like trees, big stones and even find your way safely down with an avalanche chasing you on your tail. Ferrari GT 2 Evolution HD — I already featured the standard version of this game on my blog a few days back and today I am presenting you the HD version of the same game.

    This version includes acceleration blur which increases as your overall speed ticks up. Please remember to subscribe to the RSS feed before you download these game. Subscription is free and effortless!

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