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The Kinect version includes two game modes: Solo mode features one player. Party mode features players. There are two options in Party mode: Co-Op mode is a "every player for themselves" mode as players take turns jumping in and jumping out in order to complete the song. Battle mode is a team mode where two teams face off to get the highest score. Battle mode is a little different from Co-Op mode as each team performs the song together and the song gets broken down into two parts in which one player dances and the other player sings.

There are four symbols to represent each player: Michael's glove, Michael's hat, Michael's shades and one of Michael's jackets. Several of the songs in the game do not feature any moves to perform, instead becoming "Singing Only" songs, with " Earth Song " being the first song confirmed as Singing Only. There are certain songs that have moves that can be taught in a practice mode called "MJ School".

Michael Jackson The Experience - Song List

During each performance, a crown pops up above the player's head and the player must hit the crown to activate "King Power" before it fades away. The crown, appearing only once per song, will multiply the score by 8. Similar to the Wii version, the player is scored on how well they sing and dance. The player can get five different grades: Points add up at the end of each song along with the rating of stars the player receives and a photo the player takes during their performance.

Michael Jackson: The Experience

In addition to the singing and dancing functionalities found in the Xbox version, the PlayStation 3 version allows the player to sing or dance at the same time as other players. The PlayStation Vita version was ported with Improved graphics in HD, Multiplayer AD-Hoc , Trophy Support, Motion Sensor support, Multi-touch support, and instead of taking off the On-screen notes, it was replaced with the ability to use the Rear touch pad for an even harder challenge and since its use the multi-touch, the difficulty has been given an upgrade to increase the challenge.

The PS Vita version, compared to the 3DS version, has been given a whole new look in graphics and on resolution, with the player being able to use their finger instead of a 3DS stylus. The Vita version does not have any downloadable content.

In the Wii console version of the game, "Money" is incorrectly credited as a song from the album Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix which was released in This would be true if the song in the game was the remix but it is the original version of the song, released on HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I in Roughly two weeks after Michael Jackson's death in , MJ Productions announced that a Michael Jackson game had been in development for several months.

The Experience was met with generally mixed reviews, with most of them citing the varied differences between the different versions of the game. IGN gave a 6. IGN gave the Wii version a 3. Eurogamer thought that the Xbox dance routines "feel a little slower and more simplistic than those in the PS3 game", [9] while the Daily Star said that "the Move seems a touch more sensitive". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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The Experience — review". The Guardian. Daily Mail. April 14, The Experience Nintendo DS". The Experience Review". Or Jacko's cameo in Space Channel 5? Wonderfully unique touch screen twist on rhythm gameplay. The Bad Very little content, and almost half of it requires additional in-app purchases. The tradition of great Jackson video games continues with the release of Michael Jackson: The Experience for the iPad.

Michael Jackson The Experience HD

Instead, players will perform a series of taps, swipes, and other finger motions on the touch screen that match the commands appearing in front of them. As they do, a CGI Michael will get his dance on, using the backdrops of his popular music videos as environments. In terms of presentation, Experience is something of a knock out as well. The problem with Michael Jackson: At launch, the game only features seven songs.

The game also offers alternate outfits for MJ in some of the songs, but at 99 cents apiece. Michael Jackson: The Experience is a game that manages to get most everything right.