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Thankfully, the set-up - though slightly more complicated than the usual click-on-Android-Market way - is pretty simple, so users don't really have to fret about awful, time-consuming steps. This is because the games are being downloaded from outside of the Google Play formerly known as the Android Market. After that, you should be ready to enjoy the extra goodies with the phone.

The other prominent feature on the Atrix 2 is is the recurring Motocast personal computing service. It first made its appearance on the Razr and later on the Motorola Xoom 2 tablet.

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This cloud service allows you to access your personal content from both the web and your smartphone straight from your computer's hard drive. Set-up is pretty straightforward and hiccup-free; simply follow the steps as instructed. This would of course mean your PC would have to be powered on all the time and that's something you might want to think about too before getting too happy about this feature.

It's not a cloud based solution to overcome this downside. We previously complained about how there wasn't a single icon for the MotoCast app streamed content on the phone; instead, we had to access our content from three different places - Files, Gallery and Music -, resulting in a lot of unnecessary navigation to-and-fro.


Thankfully, this problem is rectified on the Atrix 2 - simply tap on the Motocast app to access all files hosted on the personal cloud. Good thing is, the software is automatically installed as part of the installation for MotoCast. Simply connect your phone via USB to your personal computer.

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Of course, the other exciting aspect of the Atrix was that it came with accessories that transform the phone into another gadget altogether. Just like its predecessor, the Atrix 2 is compatible with the Lapdock , an extension of sorts that transforms the handphone into a netbook. At least it gives users an option and it doesn't inflate the phone's price too much like the original Atrix had to contend with. Singapore Malaysia Philippines Indonesia.

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HWZ's Overall Rating: Without further ado, here's a complete list of the free games for the smartphone alongside its corresponding price, as stated in Google Play: You may also be interested in All rights reserved. That does not make trace levels of it harmful. In the right dose. Just like your eco-friendly version of Windex is.

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