Samsung galaxy s2 charging problem fix

Or just give up on it? Have you tried another phone charger or tried another phone on that charger? Taking four days to recharge is definitely not performing as it should be. Need help? Order online today Get help with any Tech at Home with Telstra Platinum Don't forget to tag answers as Accepted Solutions and give a Like to the member s who helped you out.

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How to fix Samsung Galaxy S2 that won't charge [Troubleshooting Guide]

For the past two days now I've been experiencing wifi connection problems. Kindly help me out. The phone works nicely. The sound will be every 10 seconds.

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It could be a false error where the software of your phone believes that the voltage is too high when it is really not. It could also be that the voltage is really too high. The first thing that you will want to do is to back up your phone data and do a factory reset to eliminate any software related glitches. If the issue persists then turn off your phone and clean the charging port with a toothbrush dipped in alcohol.

The port may have dirt or lint in it which causes the problem.

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  4. Galaxy s2 reset to factory settings, no problem getting in boot menu using menu key, volume and power button but now freezes on start up at set up screen. Try to do another round of factory reset. This time make sure your phone does not have a microSD installed. If the problem persists then either the phone software is corrupt or the phone is not recognizing your touch input. See if you can make any touch based input during the time your phone starts and the time the set up screen appears to check if the phone digitizer is still working properly.

    If the issue persists then you can either have the display of your phone checked at an authored service center or you can reflash your phone software. Hi, I have a Samsung S2 which has worked fine till last night. I charged it fully and turned it on. I believe I have some photos saved on the phone rather than the sd card. What shall I do? Thank you. What you will want to do first is to take out the phone battery and microSD card. With the battery out, press and hold the power button for at least a minute to drain the phone of any residual charge. I can show pictures of wat ur looking for.

    I found out the problem with mine. I went to a repair store and they told me that nothing was wrong with the USB port or the battery. They said the problem was with an IC that affects the way the phone charges. It got burnt out. They said I'd have to replace the affected board. It seems that it's time for new smartphones guys.

    Check this video!

    You have to remove a capacitor - just break it off with something. Just be careful to remove the right one - watch video closely. It worked for me and I was really desperate. I like this phone: Becky Hallsworth. I had the same problem as everyone else with my samsung galaxy S2 and i got my dad to fit a new port. It seemed to work a dream for a while.

    But now, 3 charger ports later, and my phone has decided not to charge again! I do not think there is a permanent solution, just that the phone is an old one and you will need to update sometime or another. Allan Omuron. It flickers on the screen as if about to start charging with the icon of the battery and then off it goes. My galaxy s2 won't charge I truer another battery and charger but still won't charge I truer a new port and it worked. What i am going to tell you might be a little bit crazy, but it works for me, and I hope it works for u too, cuz i understand the struggle of having a non-charging phone!

    So, the solution is that you let your phone somewhere safe with or without any battery percentage , forget about it for like 2 - 3 days, plug in the charger and see if it works. If not, probably you might want to remove the SIM card and the SD card as well, probably the battery too, and store them somewhere safe, leave the phone for days as mentioned. Hope it works for you! Patrick patwillfixit. You can always use a battery charger battery sized charger where you actually plug the battery and it charges.

    Had a problem with an Ace plus and decided it was a crappy phone. Didn't have much problems after.

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    Not too fancy but works. Be careful with your nails though. My phone is not charging it turned of and when i bought a new battery it turned on and now its not charging too i tried to turn it off and remove the battery and pulg it on the charge then put the battery and turn it on and it still not charging so please if you could help me and tell me what I have to do and thankyou. Parth Dalvi. Got the same problem even after installing new battery Internal Battery. I tried everything as per suggestion but still it doesn't charge.

    I installed Ampere app, in that it shows while charging mA drops from to 20 wtf!! Select a Language: Help Translate iFixit. Back Answers Index. Enrique Rep: Whenever I try to charge my phone, it won't take a charge. What should I do?

    How to fix Samsung Galaxy S2 that won’t charge [Troubleshooting Guide]

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    The All-New. The high performance electronics repair kit. Most Helpful Newest Oldest. Chosen Solution. I have had the same or similar problem with two different extended batteries: Well today I found the solution here Solution: Turn the phone off.